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Ricky Andrade

Founder & CEO.

7 Figure Multiple Business Owner. Investor in Forex, Stocks, Crypto , Binary, Real Estate, Start-ups.

Instagram: @RiskyRicky

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Linda Andrade

Events Coordinator

Content Creator and Investor of Forex, Crypto and Real Estate.

Instagram: @LionLindaa

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Lukas Michailidis

Branding Ambassador, Business Strategist, Personal Branding and E-com Expert. 

Instagram: @LifeOfLukas

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Mario Acosta

Success Coach

Forex Investor. 

Forex Investor, 3D Print and Design Specialist Car and Robotics Enthusiast

Instagram: @Mrmar_io

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Yazir Saldivar

Marketing Expert

Specialty in online advertising  

Founder of True ROI Marketing.

Instagram: @FbAdsGod

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Erin Rene

Sales Executive
Digital entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Sales Expert.

Instagram: @Erinreneexo

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Raul Hernandez

Success Coach

Forex/Crypto Investor, Digital entrepreneur, Mindset coach and Support specialist.

Alex Lim

Credit Hacker
Digital entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Credit Expert.

Instagram: @CreditBuddha

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Mohammed Fouad

Content Specialist

Forex Investor.

Content Creator. Editor. Social Media Accounts manager.

Instagram: @mohammeds4x

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Panagiotis Grosomanidis

Content Creator

Personal branding and marketing expert.

Instagram: @panocreates

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Edward Smiley

Sales Executive
Digital entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Sales Expert.

Instagram: @AdmiredCharisma

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Nathaniel Perez

Database Administrator.

Payment Processing and Dispute Resolutions. Support Specialist.

Aina Santos

Head of Support, Social Media Account manager.

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