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Ricky Andrade

Founder & CEO.

7 Figure Multiple Business Owner. Investor in Forex, Stocks, Crypto , Binary, Real Estate, Start-ups.

Instagram: @RiskyRicky

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Linda Andrade

Events Coordinator

Content Creator and Investor of Forex, Crypto and Real Estate.

Instagram: @LionLindaa

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Lukas Michailidis

Branding Ambassador, Business Strategist, Personal Branding and E-com Expert. 

Instagram: @LifeOfLukas

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Mohammed Fouad

Content Specialist

Forex Investor.

Content Creator. Editor. Social Media Accounts manager.

Instagram: @mohammeds4x

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Aina Santos

Head of Support, Social Media Account manager.

Nathaniel Perez

Database Administrator.

Payment Processing and Dispute Resolutions. Support Specialist.

Yazir Saldivar

Marketing Expert

Specialty in online advertising  

Founder of True ROI Marketing.

Instagram: @FbAdsGod

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Nathan Ortega

Sales Executive
Digital entrepreneur, Business Owner, and PR Expert.

Instagram: @Nathanrayortega

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Raul Hernandez

Success Coach

Forex/Crypto Investor, Digital entrepreneur, Mindset coach and Support specialist.

Mario Acosta

Success Coach

Forex Investor. 

Forex Investor, 3D Print and Design Specialist Car and Robotics Enthusiast

Instagram: @Mrmar_io

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Alex Lim

Credit Hacker
Digital entrepreneur, Business Owner, and Credit Expert.

Instagram: @CreditBuddha

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Panagiotis Grosomanidis

Content Creator

Personal branding and marketing expert.

Instagram: @panocreates

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