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Life Of Ricky

Started at a 9-5

Right after high school I was working as a Commercial Dishwasher Technician with a company Called Auto-Chlor System

My First Car

The Mazda 3 with a 26% APR. Dumb Right!

I was desperate though because I had no car to get to work.

Go Kart Racing after work

Net Pay of ONLY $383.08 for 2 weeks

My Previous Work Station

This work station was used to repair dish washer motors and refurbish dishwashing machines. 

Dirty Work

Always had to clean out gunk from the dishwasher machines.

Dishwasher Repair

Repaired broken parts inside dishwasher machines. You can add this to my resume ;)

Disneyland for work

If you are wondering, no I was not in Disneyland to have fun. Others were having fun while I was a bit envious because I had to work servicing dishwashers in the back of a kitchen. 

The Decision That Changed My Life

Letter to boss giving my 2 week notice to quit my job a couple days before my 21st birthday (April 11)

The Journey of Investing In Myself

Many think that I quit my job knowing exactly what I was going to do right after to make money. The reality is I DID NOT know exactly. But all I did know is that nothing was going to change if I didn't make this drastic change in my life. I knew I wanted that "laptop lifestyle" and make money anywhere around the world without being slaved to a job. I took the risk of quitting even though I had an apartment and car payments with little money saved up. Some think it was stupid with no secured income to rely on; My dad thought so.

Got Into Network Marketing

Community Helbalife events filled with great energy.

The start of my research

So many hours spent researching different ways of making money online. 

My Dream Car

I would go to the Lamborghini dealership and envision myself walking out one day owning the car.

Got Into Affiliate Marketing

My first sale making money online. 

Risky Ricky's Gold Cars

GOLD Mercedes S550

GOLD Lamborghini Huracan

GOLD Tesla Model X

Lifestyle Videos


Times Square, New York

W Hotel Penthouse, New York

Meet and greet with some of the Market Masters Academy Students to learn about Forex.

Beverly Hills, California

Mansion Forex Training and invited some guest speakers for Credit, Mindset and dropshipping training.

Beverly Hills, California

Brought the Lambo to Beverly Hills where it belongs :)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Mansion MMA Market Mastermind

Las Vegas, Nevada

The night I made $100k

Las, Vegas Nevada


Miami, Florida

Jet skiis in the Ocean

Miami, Florida

Shopping in Florida before my flight to London.

Five Palm Jumeirah, Dubai


Five Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

at the penthouse


Sand Dunes

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Al Arab, Dubai


Miami, Florida

Versace Mansion

Las Vegas, Nevada

Penthouse private meetup with Market Masters Academy members and employees. 

Miami, Florida

10X event

Miami, Florida

Rooftop pool

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

TV Show

Interviewing Millionaires on Jublee with Timothy Sikes, Austin, 

Beverly Hills, California


Cancun, Mexico



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