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A Comprehensive Guide to Forex Trading and Forex Training Courses

September 09, 20229 min read

Forex trading is a massive market with billions being traded in foreign exchange every day. It is also a lucrative proposition with a lot of people regularly taking the plunge. However, contrary to the common perception that if you can speculate right you can become a millionaire overnight, Forex trading is no get-rich-quick scheme.

Regardless of whether you are a beginner just testing the waters or a seasoned pro in Forex trading, enrolling in the best Forex learning course to pick up the many intricacies of trading is essential. It will help you to know more about the trading tips and strategies that apply to online Forex and currency trading as well as ensure that you are well aware of the useful indicators and potential pitfalls.

This post will take you through the main aspects of why you should opt for Forex trading and what the top Forex trading courses like the ones at Market Masters Academy have to offer.

Why should you Trade in Forex

For beginner Forex traders, before joining a trading Forex course it is necessary to know the benefits of Forex trading as compared to other opportunities in shares and securities, stocks, commodities, and metals. The Forex market offers a chance to the day trader to speculate on the economies of a particular region and by default on the foreign exchange markets.

Most critically, there is no central Forex exchange and hence traders get the scope to trade in currencies round the clock. This is one reason why in our best online course for Forex trading, you will get the assistance of a personal coach 24/7 to provide advice whenever necessary.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should trade in Forex.

  • Range of options – There are four major global currency pairs that you can trade in with many more regional currency pairs at your disposal. With more options, there are more opportunities to turn a profit.

The four majors are EUR/USD (euro/dollar), USD/JPY (dollar/Japanese yen), GBP/USD (British pound/dollar), and the USD/CHF (dollar/Swiss franc). Additionally, there are three emerging pairs like AUD/USD (Australian dollar/dollar), USD/CAD (dollar/Canadian dollar), NZD/USD (New Zealand dollar/dollar). You can see that the USD is present in the major currency pairings, simply because it is the leader among the world’s reserve currencies and is present in about 88% of all Forex trades globally.

  • Ease of Access – The Forex markets are always accessible round the clock five days a week. You access it any time and decide how to trade and when to trade. This is where the best Forex courses online become handy as you can follow the trade patterns anytime, anywhere. There is no central marketplace for Forex, all currency trading is taken up electronically over-the-counter (OTC). It means that every transaction around the world by traders take place via computer networks.  

  • Leverage – A considerable amount of pairings in Forex currencies are traded on margin mainly because it enables you to buy or sell large volumes of currencies. Hence, the chances of making a potential profit (or loss too) are greater.

  • Liquidity – The amount of liquidity in the Forex markets is mind-boggling. The average is over $3.2 trillion traded per day. This increases the scope of moves and trades that you can make.

  • Low commissions – When compared to other markets, Forex offers comparatively lower costs and fees. You can pay just the bid/ask spreads. Some Forex trading firms even operate on 0 commissions.

Join a Forex trading training course of Market Masters Academy and get to be an expert. The right time to do so is NOW.

Choosing the Right Academy for Best Forex Courses Online

By the rule of thumb, the top Forex trading courses are provided by institutes that are stable and will not promise you the earth once you go through it. “Join our course and grow your money 400%” is one such commonly heard example. You have to be very careful when choosing the institute as many scams take students for a ride.

To get around the possibility of getting trapped in one of those, here is a list of do’s and don’ts to follow before your reach for your credit card to pay for what you think is one of the top Forex training courses. 

Course Design and Concept

  • The Forex trading training course should be so designed that it meets the expectations of both the beginners and the professionals. The program should start with the fundamentals of Forex trading where the experts too can brush up their skill sets and then progress to the more complex techniques and strategies.

  • Ensure that the course is heavily tilted to the hands-on practical side of Forex trading. Too much emphasis on theoretical classroom-type training will not give you the required confidence when you sit in front of your computer start trading on your own.

  • What happens if you are not satisfied with the contents of the course or feel that the set curriculum is not enough to give the desired returns in the future? Check whether the paid course has a 30-day money-back guarantee for such eventualities. Most of the top institutes do have this clause.

Analyze the Currency Trading Training Course

Check the modules being offered by the Institute. These are what you should look out for.

  • Beginners Module – A comprehensive guide to the basics of Forex trading, currency markets around the world, and the workings of the major trading platforms such as MetaTrader 4.

  • Intermediate Module – Once you pick up the basics, the Intermediate module will take you through the fundamental analysis of Forex, Indicators, Chart Patterns, and Technical Analysis.

  • Advanced Modules – Generally, Risk Management Techniques form a very important part of this section along with Mastering your Psychology and more.

  • Professional Forex Module – You will be taught how to optimally execute trading strategies and taken through advanced trading concepts.

Many courses leave you to try trading on your own once you finish the program. But not in our best online Forex trading course! We will provide continual mentoring and support and help you to initially set up your account. As Forex trading can be carried out round the clock, top-of-the-line courses provide personal coaches 24/7 for guidance if you do need help at any time.

Course Certification

Since your money is on the line when you enroll for the best Forex trading course you have to ensure that the program is as per the code of ethics laid down by regulatory bodies. In the USA, there is the SEC, the National Futures Association, the Futures Industry Association, and more. There are similar bodies in Australia, Great Britain, the European Union, and New Zealand. This certification vouches for the credibility and authenticity of the Academy offering the best Forex courses online.

Know When to Trade

Even though you have the flexibility to trade in Forex round the clock, 5 days in a week, you can only do so when the specific pairs are active and there is enough volume. Generally, volumes are low on weekends. For example, it is only at specific hours that the GBP/USD pair sees enough volatility to create profits that might cancel out the commission costs and bid spreads. If you don’t follow the trend, you will miss out on lucrative opportunities to strike it rich. This aspect is dealt with in detail in our currency trading training course.

Another reason why the Forex market is considered to be open 24 hours a day is because of the varying time zones in which trading happens. Be ready for voluminous trading activity in the EURO/GBP pair when the UK and the European markets are opening. Similarly, you can shift your training patterns when New York opens up. This is when the USD and the Canadian dollar will light up your trading platform. Hence, every market does not simultaneously trade in all currencies. Rather different Forex pairs are traded actively at various times making it a round the clock affair.

So how will you know when to ease into major markets in your time zone? Given here are the various Forex Trading sessions with each having a unique “feel” of its own. This module is extensively discussed in top Forex trading courses.  

  • Asian session – This session generates comparatively lower volume and smaller ranges and is made up of the Asian markets, opening in New Zealand and Australia and gradually moving to the West. NZD, and, and JPY are quite popular and prices can get significantly affected by important economics-related events.

  • The London (European) Session – It starts in Frankfurt and kicks off in London an hour later. Volatility peaks during this session as the UK opening see massive volumes in the Forex markets. The session is very critical as in this period, macro-economic data is released by countries and banks, with account managers being quite active.

  • The New York (US) Session – The opening is at 9.30 am New York time. However, US fundamental data can be released anytime after 8.30 am, leading to the creation of early volumes before the official Forex markets open at 9.30 am.   

The London and New York crossover generates high liquidity and volatility as financial institutions trigger Forex contracts that are based on the release of critical fundamental data.

Forex Signal Service Provider

What is a Forex signal? It is a proposal for trading on a currency pair at a particular price and time. It is generated by a human analyst or by a Forex robot of a signal service provider and communicated to you quickly via email, website, SMS, or Tweet. The benefit of subscribing to a service provider is that you follow the trade patterns of their 6/7 figure professionals and latch on to the perfect trade instead of waiting for hours before the computer for it to happen.

Market Masters Academy is a leading Forex signal service provider and offers one of the best Forex signals courses. Some of the multiple benefits you get are –

  • Supporting graphs and/or analysis for the signals

  • The exact or estimated entry, exit, and stop-loss figure on trading in one or more currency pairs

  • An analysis of the previous trading figures with profit/loss, risk/reward ratio, actual trades, and monthly pips.

  • Interaction with our leading traders through a range of channels such as comments, forums, and more.

That’s not all. We guarantee 250+ pips per week, access to trading platforms across all your devices, VIP access to our Daily Market Analysis Room, and 24/7 support from a Personal Success Coach.   

Top Forex Trading Courses from Market Masters Academy

If you are looking to take your Forex trading experience to the next level and be a pro in this field, our Forex training courses will be a perfect fit. This is regardless of whether you a beginner testing the Forex trading waters or an expert trying to break into the big league. There are over 20,000 students who have greatly benefitted from our top Forex training courses.

Market Masters Academy has a range of courses and plans to suit any need and budget. We have legendary Forex trader and young millionaire Ricky Andrade at the helm of affairs to guide and train you. It is thus no wonder that hundreds have quit cushy jobs to join our best Forex courses online and live the lives they have always wanted to. 

Global leader of cutting edge coaching and training

Ricky Andrade

Global leader of cutting edge coaching and training

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