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No matter what your current level of experience is, we can help improve your trading skills with our series of educational videos, articles and practical examples on a wide range of trading topics.

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Meet Your Trader

Ricky Andrade (23 year old) quit his job to become a full-time entrepreneur in April of 2015, clueless with where his life was going and with a limited amount of money in his pocket. He decided to invest in himself through reading and mentoring. He started off learning from other successful people, books, in-person events, and online. He tested different forms of mentorship, and found that some worked while others didn’t. He learned how to make multiple 6-figures from ForexStocks, Real Estate, Mentoring, and Affiliate Marketing. He has tested each niche for trial and error before finally perfecting his money making strategies, teaching students from all around the world.

With all of that knowledge and more available to you, there comes a choice. You too now have the opportunity to invest in yourself, just as Ricky did 3 years ago when he was starting out.

"Invest in Yourself, You're Worth It!"  -Ricky Andrade

Our Students & Testimonials

We aim to only teach people who are really serious about making big money. The elite training that we offer has an almost 100% success rate; we try not to waste our time nor waste your time.

Ricky’s first student, Marderius, went from selling his car and personal items to pay bills and investments, and now makes more than six-figures with multiple streams of income.

Linda, another one of his students, went from borrowing money to buy groceries and nearly living on the street to learning Real Estate and flipping her first house, then learning E-Commerce and starting up her own successful company.

All they did, and all you need to do, is apply yourself and take that first step.


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