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Who are we?

Market Masters Academy is the world’s premier Foreign Exchange training and signal company. We have helped 100’s of everyday people quit their jobs and live their dream lives, and we can do the same for you.

Market Masters Academy was established in April 2016 with the goal of helping people achieve financial freedom and break away from the 9-5 work life. Beginning with the introduction of our On Point FX Signals, the community of grew rapidly. For nearly 2 years, Market Masters Academy has ruled as the #1 Forex community in the world, now offering the best training and strategies in the industry and 1-on-1 private mentoring services.

We have helped 100s of everyday people achieve independence and true control over their finances, and are looking for NEW Success Stories in 2019.

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01. 6 Millionaire Cheat Sheet

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These PDF's are what has helped multiple people start understanding how to read the markets and get going. 

Here is whats included: 

  1. Price Action
  2. Continuation Patterns
  3. Major Market Patterns
  4. Fibonacci
  5. Technical Indicators and Oscillators 
  6. $100 to $149,530 in 60 days

02. On Point FX Signals 

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Your chance to trade with us everyday and discover all the high-probability trading strategies used by 6 and 7-figure traders. Get advice from and chat with thousands of fellow traders and get a personal success coach to help you on your trading journey!


03. 7 Day FX Mastery

$2500 USD

The ideal course for both new and experienced traders, providing you all the important tools necessary to succeed in Forex. Thanks to this intense training sessions you will gain an expansive knowledge of the Forex Market, alongside...


What We Do

At Market Masters Academy we believe no one cares more about your money and financial future than you. This is why you should take control of your financial future by learning how to invest your own money. If you're smart enough to make money then you're smart enough to invest. All you need is the right education. Our Mission at Market Masters Academy is to teach individuals how to take control of their financial future by learning how to invest their money in the markets. We help our customers evolve from being passive investors to traders. We provide all of the necessary education, strategies, tools, and support to help you become a successful investor. Start taking control of your financial future today by investing in yourself through financial education!

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